Elevating beyond upfront costs to total cost and value


Elevators and escalators are essential for accessibility and convenience in multi-level buildings. Building tenants and visitors expect seamless vertical transportation between floors, so out-of-service machines are annoying and disruptive. While occupants should be able to take elevators and escalators for granted, building owners need to understand how callbacks increase the total cost of owning elevators and escalators. Callbacks are incidents where machines require unscheduled maintenance after failing to operate as designed. Unfortunately, the financial impact of callbacks is less obvious than upfront installation costs and budgeted monthly maintenance fees. Mitsubishi Electric Elevators and Escalators, our client, leads the vertical transportation industry with superior reliability and low callback rates but has slightly higher upfront costs than some competitors.


LMO produces commentaries, white papers, case studies, presentations, emails, product descriptions and other content to inform building owners and facility managers how vertical transportation products and services from Mitsubishi Electric Elevators and Escalators improve reliability, safety, energy efficiency and the passenger experience while ultimately cutting operating costs. We guide audiences through the obvious and the hidden costs of callbacks and discuss the corresponding Mitsubishi Electric solutions. By reducing callbacks through superior product engineering, design, installation, modernization and preventative maintenance, Mitsubishi Electric creates value and lowers the total cost of owning elevators and escalators.


In our content, building owners see a clear business case for purchasing equipment, maintenance and modernization services from Mitsubishi Electric, even if there’s an apparent upfront premium. Mitsubishi Electric uses LMO-produced content to generate leads and educate customers, prospects and influencers. Given the value of elevator or escalator projects, our team is particularly proud when we hear our content sparked or supported engagement with a viable prospect.

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