Working hand-in-hand to develop new
messaging and a new visual brand


After years of being sustained primarily by yearly donations from its own Board and other professionals in the field, the Children’s Theatre Foundation of America wanted to grow its donor base, reaching outside its immediate family of supporters and stakeholders. They wanted to communicate with businesses, nonprofits, and individuals drawn to advocacy and activism. They wanted to cast wider nets and land bigger fish, appealing to the better angels and deeper selves of partners, funders, and donors wherever they may be. That’s where we came in.


Ultimately, our client needed to expand and enhance its ability to tell its own story. We created email letter templates for each new audience category: Businesses, Foundations (Non-Arts), Arts Nonprofits, and Individuals. The briefs we provided to accompany each of these templates outlined the function and purpose of a segmented audience strategy, and included tips on tailoring messages as a key tactic.

We then designed multiple logo concepts with the goal of giving CTFA’s visual brand the makeover it deserved as a bright light in youth-focused and justice-driven foundation work.


The final messaging and logo deliverables work together to unite each core aspect of the brand together: youthfulness, diversity, and an abiding belief in the power of the arts. CTFA is currently hard at work implementing the content and strategies created by LMO, and their efforts are already generating new leads and opportunities for garnering major financial support from new partners.

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