Telling the story of BeMeals, a chef’s table
experience right in your office


With a BeMeals smart freezer in your office, an amazing meal is just around the corner. This award-winning company and its innovative delivery system were primed to make a splash in the frozen food world—but first, they needed a brand that could properly tell their story, and help them articulate just how appetizing a concept like this would be to employees and businesses alike.


Our audit of the competitive landscape demonstrated that the BeMeals proprietary system is a truly unique method of making healthy, convenient and affordable dining possible in the workplace. However, our research also uncovered that perception of frozen food among target audiences could prove a major barrier to conveying the BeMeals value proposition.


We harnessed the team’s excitement and energy to guide us toward a name we knew would resonate: Volanno, derived from the Italian word for “they fly” or “flywheel” (an homage to Dawn’s Italian roots). In Volanno, Dawn and her team felt they had an authentic name that captured the traits that made them unique with elegance and sophistication.

Finally, we provided a plan for introducing the new brand internally and externally, in a way that generated excitement and built momentum for the future. By the end of the engagement, IT Works! had a new name and corporate identity that will compel prospective clients to seriously consider Dawn’s team when seeking exceptional IT solutions, and one that will inspire enthusiasm and pride in current employees.


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