Developing the brand for a new
life insurance platform


Purchasing life insurance can seem complex and intimidating if you’re not a financial expert. By starting his own life insurance company, Dennis Ho set out to make the process of getting insured easy and empowering. A new player in a crowded category, Dennis needed us to build a brand that could penetrate the marketplace, expand his customer base and embody his values and one-of-a-kind approach.


Through our immersive research process, we determined that established insurance providers aren’t evolving to meet consumer demands and expectations. We discovered a huge influx of new companies to the online insurance space, with some offering a ‘new’ way to obtain insurance as a key differentiator. Crucially, we observed that for the vast majority of these companies, messaging is focused on the product—not the customer.


We delivered a brand designed to convey the energy of “Saturday” at every level, down to the last detail. With a clean but powerful logo and a comprehensive brand system containing color palettes, photography and graphic elements, we built a customer-centric identity to capture the brand essence: that joyful, liberating “Saturday feeling.” Our client wholeheartedly agreed.

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