Growing a brand and disrupting a category through creative visuals and strategy


The Maple Guild is the largest single source, vertically integrated producer of certified organic Vermont maple syrup and maple-based products. It’s a company on a mission: to prove to the world that maple products are about way more than pancakes and waffles. With planned products like flavored drinks, maple cream, and maple vinegar on the horizon, The Maple Guild wanted to establish a brand that could change maple’s place in food culture forever—but what would that look like?


To unify the brand, we developed a simple and elegant design system with a logo that was flexible, consistent, and recognizable. Then, we introduced the new products via sample kits for grocery store buyers to establish credibility and recognition. At national food shows, we supported the brand with heavy sampling, one-sheets and other promotional items. Since many buyers had already tasted the syrup from the kits, they were familiar enough to come over and learn about the additional products.


As a result of our efforts, The Maple Guild quickly gained traction in the marketplace, with major distributors picking up the new items within their first year of production. Today, you can find a wide array of products from The Maple Guild everywhere from health food grocery stores (Earthfare and Mom’s Organic) to major retail chains (TJ Maxx and Bed Bath & Beyond). Having a diverse and delicious selection of food offerings is impressive—but more often than not, it takes a brand that sticks out to make those products successful.

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