Elevating a dynamic learning environment
And a world-class program


The George Washington School of Business (GWSB) needed a bold revamp of its creative materials to accompany a robust upcoming media campaign (also helmed by LMO). Our updated channel strategies and ad buys would get the attention of new prospective students all across the region—and in the world of marketing, when you get someone’s attention, you’d better have a great story to tell them, too.


In order to ensure that GWSB’s ad spots would stand out and cut through the clutter, we doubled down on a pair of key differentiators that make this esteemed institution uniquely valuable: maximum customization and maximum flexibility. The school offers a panoply of Master’s programs, graduate certificates, and specialization options; there are more than 250 ways to customize what you get from GWSB. In addition, there are a variety of options for your day-to-day experience of these programs, meaning plenty of ways to make it work with your schedule.


The “GWYou” campaign highlights the GWSB commitment to students on an individual level. Our messaging emphasizes personalization, our photography captures individuals in striking focus, and our art conveys customization and the power to design your own GWSB experience. In concert with the refreshed media strategy, this new creative is currently helping GWSB drive more potential applicants—and inspire more excitement—than ever before.

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