Showcasing product excellence through comprehensive storytelling


Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US (METUS) develops some of the world’s most efficient heating and cooling systems and has steadily risen in popularity as more and more industry professionals recognize the benefits of its technologies. Telling that story is all the more compelling with robust, innovative projects and third-party endorsements. Written case studies have long been a preferred deliverable for sharing customer testimonials, but to keep its footing in the ever-evolving HVAC industry, METUS needed a non-traditional way to highlight projects and create industry and consumer buzz.


The case study comprehensive was born – a package of content and digital assets designed to tell the complete project story and highlight METUS product as the winning solution. Credit Human, a super-efficient credit union headquarters that factored sustainability into every facet of design, was one of the first case study comprehensives produced for METUS. For this project, the following promotional assets were developed: a written case study, a video series (one overview video and seven topic-specific video vignettes), two project posters focused on sustainable building, a PowerPoint for sales teams to use with customers, as well as a social series for social channel amplification. The goal was to create both long- and short-form, easy-to-understand content for a variety of audiences.


Having robust and diverse content assets that featured video testimonial direct from the project team only enhanced the METUS name and product reputation. The Credit Human building, complete with a METUS water-source VRF system, custom controls, one-megawatt rooftop solar array, rainwater recycling and minimal carbon emission output, was too major of a project for a traditional, written case study. The comprehensive effort allowed METUS to promote the story on several B2B channels, increase editorial pickup and drive traffic to the website.

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