Inspiring Signals For a Diverse Audience

Delivering smart and striking campaign
concepts for Mitsubishi Electric


Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US (METUS) is a leading provider of technologically advanced HVAC systems in the United States and Latin America. The resilient, sustainable solutions METUS develops help businesses create comfortable spaces prepared for today, tomorrow, and beyond.

From engineers and building architects to vertical market customers in the hospitality, education, and multifamily housing sectors, the list of audience segments that need to be considered when developing an overarching campaign for METUS is long. Thus, the LMO creative team was presented with a challenging task: create broadly engaging concepts that can effectively speak to different types of professional customers while distinguishing the brand from its competition.


After a tightly collaborative research immersion and workshopping process involving LMO copywriters and designers, two concepts emerged that managed to check every strategic and creative box. We presented them both to the client.

The concepts—dubbed “Future Proven Innovations” and “We Are Together”—each emphasize a different angle of the METUS value proposition; the former employs clever wordplay to illustrate that Mitsubishi Electric is a proven provider of “future-proof” solutions, while the latter offers an earnest top-line message that describes the METUS approach to hand-in-hand partnership and support. Both appeal to every audience that needs to be reached, and both are optimized to be used as platforms for whatever specific product or solution might be featured in a given individual ad unit.


Visually, both concepts feature striking photography brimming with optimism and warmth, sharp design elements, and sophisticated solutions to a key client imperative: the need to feature different products in different activations while maintaining the overall look and feel. Combined with Mitsubishi Electric’s paid media efforts, the new campaign is off to a tremendous start.

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