Moving On Up

Producing dynamic and exciting video
content to get America moving


America’s physical therapists help people overcome barriers to physical activity, and The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) is here to represent them, tell their stories, and assist them in their mission to get America moving.

LMO created a video PSA to help APTA raise awareness and inspire Americans to choose physical therapy. Despite our team’s extensive experience in the concepting, production, and dissemination of PSA video content, we recognized that we had a challenge on our hands—in just a matter of a seconds we had to tell a complex story, pivot from a tone of urgency to one of hopefulness, and feature the most diverse representation of individuals possible to ensure that not a single American would see this PSA and say “this isn’t for me.” Additionally, all of this had to be accomplished with a production plan constrained by COVID restrictions and crucial safety considerations.



To make this PSA as effective and inspiring as possible, our writing and production teams had to work closely at every step of the process. Working within client copy guidelines and brand parameters, our script writers delivered a compelling narrative that touched on every important point the client needed to convey. Then, our video team brought it to life, employing strategic visual storytelling techniques while juggling voice talent, vendors, and multi-day shoots.

But what good is a PSA if nobody sees it? As soon as we wrapped on the video, we began putting our distribution plan into action. LMO sent hard copies of the video assets—in attractive, attention-getting packaging to help the campaign stand out—to 1,800 media outlets and networks. After the initial launch, we continued to send email reminders to media targets, encouraging them to air the campaign and get our message out there.


Currently, we are using Nielsen Media Research tracking services to monitor location details for all APTA commercials airing throughout the country. For reporting on the campaign’s success, we are developing four performance reports, delivered to the client quarterly.

APTA is thrilled with the video, and optimistic that every view will serve to further its mission. For our part, it was a privilege and a pleasure to help this campaign get moving.

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