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All homes and buildings need HVAC systems but convincing homeowners, developers and building owners that they should upgrade to Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) zoning technology presents a whole new ballgame. Since first introducing VRF technology to the U.S. market over 30 years ago, many competitors have joined the industry. METUS seeks to cut through the noise, using LMO to highlight METUS as an industry thought leader and triumph VRF technology as beneficial to both the consumer and the environment.


The efficiency and environmental benefits of VRF systems are outstanding but they’re only beneficial to the public if the right changemakers are aware of this technology. We’ve found many of the top VRF companies tout their innovations’ features, without educating decision makers on the basics of this perceived “new” technology. Optimized service and support are also large factors for HVAC adoption, particularly when competing against established household brand names. METUS has nation-wide support infrastructure and leveraging this expertise is critical for success.


For METUS, media relations support, comprehensive technical content as well as B2B media buying and strategy have elevated the brand to an authority within the VRF space. Through press releases and editorial, we are able to control the narrative while offering guidance to the field. Interviews with subject-matter-experts allow us to craft a wealth of educational content including white papers, webinars and case studies to best inform all members on a project team. Our vertical-driven B2B media buying activities including targeted ads, native content, digital placements and collaborative events speak directly to the key audiences of METUS and those that can enact change in the building landscape. From initial product launch to thought leadership, METUS has trusted LMO’s vision for the last 18 years.

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