Safety Strategy for the Super Bowl

Building a plan to capture audience attention
and keep NFL fans safe


The Super Bowl brings a large-scale multi-day celebration to its host location every year, along with a massive influx of fans and a variety of heavily attended events in different parts of the city. For the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), it’s an essential weekend every year to promote the “If You See Something, Say Something®” campaign and raise public awareness around indicators of terrorism and terrorism-related crime. 

For Super Bowl LIV, LMO brought together and implemented a comprehensive strategy to ensure that audiences all around Miami, FL were served this critical message of safety and awareness. There’s never a shortage of advertising on Super Bowl weekend, so DHS needed a flawless plan to cut through the clutter. Like the NFL’s best coaches, LMO media experts know this playing field, and we can scheme with the best of them. 


Our three-pronged strategy brought together tactics for digital, out-of-home and paid search and social. To target users attending the weekend’s events, as well as those in areas of high importance, we leveraged mobile geo-fencing to ensure our content landed in the right place and time. Through programmatic display, connected TV, mobile video and more, we were able to reach commuters, tourists, business professionals, event attendees and those within the surrounding area. 


Meanwhile, our out-of-home activations captured the attention of visitors and residents in key locations, with digital shelter panels and activations at light rail stations to reach mass transit riders and pedestrians.


By the time the final score was in the books, the DHS FY20 See/Say Super Bowl campaign earned a total of 53,393,667 impressions and drove 203,939 clicks back to the homepage—and that’s just from digital. Out-of-home and connected TV yielded millions of additional impressions, and digital panels directed at pedestrians and public transportation users were displayed 210,083 times per day.  


Most importantly, the weekend itself was a first-rate success from a security standpoint. After all, this is about more than just advertising—it’s about keeping people safe, and we were honored to have the chance to do our part.

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