After conducting competitive research and holding in-depth discovery sessions with Evermay leadership, staff and a cross section of their clients, we surfaced some important insights:

Competitors had similar approaches, focusing on themselves, their scale, expertise and track record with the same financial jargon and wealth clichés.

When clients and their Evermay wealth advisors talked about each other, they did so with real animation and emotion. They greeted one another on first name terms, talking about life and things that mattered to them with genuine enthusiasm. Wealth is always more than money.

These points formed the basis for Evermay’s positioning. Evermay’s unique approach to their business is woven in their company DNA. They take pride in building relationships that are as much personal as they are professional and consider clients to be an extension of their families.

Thus, A Richer Life was born. A Richer Life is more than a single-minded goal to increase net worth, it is a deeper understanding of what wealth means to clients and their loved ones. In short, Evermay will become your "wealth counselor, your confidant." This became the new communications strategy.


With a new positioning in place, LMO created an authentic and distinctive brand identity that represented Evermay’s mission, vision and beliefs:

-Brand manual that documents clear strategy, voice and visual guidelines

-A full corporate identity package, including logo design, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, notepads, stationery, office templates, social media platform appearance-

-A redesigned, responsive website

-Marketing collateral, including an investment agreement and a unique client-focused sales brochure Print and digital display ads

Together, all rebranding initiatives added up to an authentic representation of who Evermay really is.