NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards) is a large nonprofit association made up of architectural licensing boards of 54 states and territories. While each jurisdiction is responsible for regulating the practice of architecture within its borders, NCARB acts as the global leader and gateway of architectural registration. They are committed to helping licensure candidates and architects reach their career goals.

• The organization must cater to many types of users at various life stages throughout their careers (interns, architects, students, etc.)

• As part of an extensive rebranding effort, NCARB turned to LMO to completely rearchitect and redesign their website to be a more useful, dynamic, and user-friendly resource

• Our challenge was to take a very large, content-heavy website in Sitecore and re-build it in an open-source CMS (Drupal) in such a way that users can easily self identify and filter down to very specific content that pertains to them


• After conducting a thorough discovery, LMO created a very clear site architecture that mirrors the linear journey an individual embarks on to become an architect

• We used active language throughout the navigation to appeal to the task-oriented mindset of everyone from high school students interested in finding accredited schools, to new graduates looking to gain experience or study for their exams

• Our vision was to position NCARB as a trusted companion on the lifelong journey of a career in architecture

• No matter where you are on your journey, the NCARB website will guide you to the tools, and insights to help you realize your career dreams


• NCARB’s redesigned website is a tremendous improvement as both a utility and a marketing communications vehicle for the organization

• The “Licensing Requirements” section, which is perhaps the most critical content on the site, was completely reimagined as a highly interactive map that enables users to easily compare requirements visually between states

• LMO delivered a clean new look and a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use navigation schema that supports the vast content of the organization

• This new design and architecture has positioned NCARB as a trusted companion for individuals at any stage of their architecture journey and will help propel the organization to tremendous success in 2017 and beyond