Mitsubishi Electric Elevators & Escalators

Upholding Industry Expertise Through Proactive Content and PR Strategy

What We Do:

  • Produce commentaries, brochures, white papers, case studies, presentations, product descriptions, sell sheets and other content designed to generate and raise awareness of the value of Mitsubishi Electric elevators, escalators and services.
  • Inform building owners and facility managers of how our client’s elevators and escalators improve reliability, safety, energy efficiency and the passenger experience while cutting operating costs.
  • Provide guidance on the obvious and hidden costs of callbacks and promote the corresponding Mitsubishi Electric solutions, including preventative maintenance, proactive part replacement and modernization.
  • Explain how reducing callbacks lowers the total cost of owning and operating elevators and escalator


Mitsubishi Electric Elevators & Escalators is a recognized leader in the vertical transport industry with a proven track record of product quality and reliability. In 2017, the North American Division was set to expand operations, sales and service across the U.S., and needed a robust marketing program. LMO was hired to assist the newly formed internal marketing department with targeted marketing communications support. Our efforts communicate credible product and service messages tailored to Mitsubishi Electric’s varied customers and audiences.

Elevators and escalators are essential for accessibility and convenience in multi-level buildings. While occupants should be able to take elevators and escalators for granted, building owners need to understand how callbacks increase the equipment’s total cost of ownership (TCO). Our client leads the industry with superior reliability and low callback rates but has slightly higher upfront costs than some competitors.


LMO utilizes a content strategy emphasizing the benefits of bundling equipment purchase, installation, maintenance and modernization services from Mitsubishi Electric. Our efforts successfully communicate how smooth, safe and reliable vertical transportation with predictable maintenance fees and lower TCO more than makes up for any apparent upfront premium. We have also implemented a media relations outreach strategy to ensure Mitsubishi Electric is front-of-mind for commentaries, project highlights and other thought leadership opportunities with trade media. Through our years of working with Mitsubishi Electric, the elevator and escalator division has opened seven new offices in A-level designated marketing areas (DMA), seen more than 270 media placements and grown by 20 percent in both annual sales and new project contracts. We’ve helped Mitsubishi Electric become a trusted brand among contractors while generating leads and educating audiences, including existing customers, prospects and industry professionals.

Tactics Employed:

Media Relations

  • Communications strategy
  • Proactive media outreach
  • Feature story and commentary pitching
  • Press release development and distribution
  • Social media content
  • Crisis communications

Technical Content

  • Project and product profiles
  • White papers
  • Advertorials
  • Email content marketing
  • Brochures
  • Presentations

B2B Paid Media

  • Social media lead generation


  • Branding
  • Graphic design

Mitsubishi Electric Elevators & Escalators trusts LMO to tell its story, leading to significant growth and clearly defined leadership in the vertical transportation market. Through our work with Mitsubishi Electric and other building industry clients, we’ve honed our skillsets to align with the industry’s demands.

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