Bosch Software Products for Construction

Launching SaaS Through Qualified Lead Generation

What We Did:

  • Successfully supported the launch of two construction SaaS products in the U.S., obtaining hundreds of qualified sales leads.
  • Established Bosch thought leadership in the Lean construction space, developing 2 conference abstracts, 3 case studies and 14 long-form blogs designed for social promotion.
  • Introduced Bosch’s Bluetooth-connected asset management system through solutions-based messaging on 2 podcasts and a webinar producing 150+ qualified leads.


In 2020, Bosch came to LMO ready to soft launch two new products for the modern jobsite: a cloud-based Lean construction platform, and a Bluetooth-connected asset management system. Bosch needed strategic content and public relations placements to increase brand awareness and establish customer bases. With product and industry knowledge, LMO helped Bosch bring these platforms to the U.S. market, using approaches tailored to their audiences.

Lean construction can enable construction firms to improve efficiency and reduce waste, but the conventional ways of documenting, managing and communicating jobsite information are highly manual and potentially burdensome. Bosch developed software to enhance Lean construction by digitizing components of the Last Planner System®, a popular Lean construction methodology. To acquire customers, Bosch needed to educate prospects on the benefits of digital Lean construction tools while marketing the product. LMO deployed an integrated mix of media relations and content marketing to promote Bosch’s thought leadership and communicate how Bosch’s Lean construction software improves results and team member experiences on the jobsite. For Bosch’s asset management system, LMO developed solution-oriented messaging for contractors using B2B paid media, media relations and content marketing tactics. Our efforts allowed Bosch to launch both products with targeted messaging, resulting in hundreds of qualified sales leads.

Tactics Employed:

Media Relations

  • Communications strategy
  • Proactive media outreach
  • Feature story and commentary pitching
  • Press release development and distribution

Technical Content

  • Case studies
  • Blogs
  • White papers
  • Webinars
  • Infographics
  • Conference abstracts and presentations

B2B Paid Media

  • Webinars/roundtables
  • Native articles
  • Podcasts


  • Graphic design

LMO enabled Bosch to take both products from prototype to client delivery through an integrated marketing approach catered to the right audiences.

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